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Friday, December 23, 2011

Or Maybe She'll Be a Rapper...

Eileen's absolute favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba.

On Yo Gabba Gabba, 80s rapper Biz Markie teaches the kids "Biz's Beat of the Day."

Until this morning, the most awesome Yo Gabba Gabba-related happening was Uncle Thomas dressing up like DJ Lance Rock for Eileen's Birthday:
However, Eileen has found something else hilariously related to Yo Gabba Gabba.  She imitates Biz's Beat of the Day.  A tiny Human Beat Box:

Budding Photographer

I mentioned that Eileen received a REAL camera from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Hines.

Eileen is fascinated by my camera, but she won't give those baby toy cameras the time of day.  They don't have a working LCD display after a photo is taken, and she knows it's not the real thing.

Her new camera is a hot pink, five megapixel camera.  It has a REAL LCD display on the back, which is why Eileen loves it.
 She's so proud.

 She's snapping pictures of EVERYTHING.

 Maybe she will be a photographer?

And off-topic, but I had to share:

Eileen likes her Rudolph Christmas slippers.  She won't take them off!

And she likes to get into her toy box to dig through her toys.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dirty Truth....

David and I are constantly receiving compliments about how sweet and happy and well-behaved Eileen is when we're out with her.

And she is.  Eileen is unbelievably well-behaved in public.

She also has a really cool "serious face"

But even our little angel has her moments.  Tantrum moments.  Sometimes they're frustrating for David and  me.

Oftentimes, we are struggling not to laugh at her.
I think she's reacting to some terrible injustice, like being told she can't play with the iPad any longer
 Seriously, isn't she cute when she's throwing a tantrum (and you can't hear her?)

Christmas 2011: Rounds 1 and 2

Round 1: Christmas with Memommy & Grandaddy Don

We kicked off Christmas celebrations with Christmas at Memommy and Grandaddy Don's house in Mobile.

Eileen was fascinated with the berry wreath.  Grandaddy Don was nice enough to hold Eileen up to play with it.
 Family picture (minus Uncle Thomas- he had to work.  Boo!)
On the front porch with Daddy Dave:
 Opening presents with the help of Mumsie and Memommy.  I'm not sure Eileen was opening her present, but she was opening something!
 Showing off her new Christmas bath toys.  She is SO proud of them.

 Eileen opening mommy's present:
 It was a wonderful time, and Eileen got the hang of the whole opening presents thing.

We ended the day by letting Eileen play with her new Christmas bath toys!

 Round 2: Christmas at Chichi & Deda's

On Sunday, we had Christmas at Chichi and Deda's with Uncle Hines & Aunt Lisa and all of the cousins.

Eileen and Daddy Dave before church on Sunday.  She wore her bow for the entire 10 seconds it took to snap her picture.
 After church, Eileen changed into some causal clothes and watched Yo Gabba Gabba.
 When we got to Chichi & Deda's, Eileen had a blast playing with Adam and Eli and Hudson before we ate...
They built a tower from the blocks
And Eileen knocked it over.  With glee!
...and opening presents after supper.  Eileen ran back and forth after Adam and Eli as they handed out presents.
Trying to keep up with Adam and Eli
Opening her camera from Aunt Lisa & Uncle Hines.  Aunt Lisa got her a REAL camera because Eileen will have nothing to do with the toy cameras because they don't have LCD screens on the back.

Eileen clapping for herself
A tired little girl resting on her cousin Kendall

Eileen is loving all of her new presents from everyone, and she seems to really, really like Christmas.  Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Right before Christmas, it seems appropriate to do a post about Eileen playing with her toys.
Currently, she LOVES to play with her Little People farm.  She recently learned to work the silo door, and spends so much time sliding it up and down.  Her favorite thing to do is to bring the animals to David and me so we can make the animals' sounds.

 Also, Eileen is obsessed with putting things into buckets and baskets and purses and carrying them around.
And when you take away the buckets and baskets, you get a toddler tantrum:

She likes the handmade oak basket that Chichi gave us.  She probably shouldn't be playing with this- it's far too nice for a toddler.

Eileen also loves to carry around the red bucket from her shape sorting blocks set.  Lately, she's been putting the baby Jesus from her plush nativity set in the bucket.  She even carried baby Jesus to church on Sunday!

This is absolutely the most fun age yet!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend Breakfasts

Eileen had two new, awesome breakfast food experiences this past weekend.

On Saturday, we had pancakes.

 We stripped Eileen down to her onesie before letting her have pancakes.  We wanted to minimize the sticky mess to come.

And on Sunday, we went to Cracker Barrel after mass.

This wasn't her first trip to Cracker Barrel.  But it was the first time that she really got to eat a noticeable amount of butter.
First Cracker Barrel trip, January 2011 with Alex.
I buttered her biscuit.  She loved it.
  Then she started just licking the butter off of the biscuit.  And trying to lick the insides of the little butter containers.  She did manage to eat an entire chunk of butter from one of the containers before I could stop her.

I think she's been watching too much Paula Deen.

Oh, and I didn't get a picture, but Eileen ate most of my piece of country ham.  What an adorable little piggy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

A few pictures from last Christmas:

Eileen was so little- she was about 1 month old (some pics were taken before Dec. 22, some after)

 It had been a while since there had been a baby around at Christmas, so everyone took turns posing with her:
David and me with Eileen 

Aunt Amy with Eileen
Chichi & Deda with Eileen
Uncle Thomas with Eileen
Memommy and Grandaddy Don with Eileen

Me, Ruthie, and David with Eileen
Cousin Hudson Steele with Eileen.  (I can't believe how grown up Hudson looks now compared to last Christmas!)
Cousin Adam Steele with Eileen (Adam and Eileen really love each other- Adam came over all summer to play with Eileen)
Eileen with cousin Kendall Steele
Daddy Dave with Eileen
Mumsie with Eileen
Papaw and Mamaw with Eileen

My parents, Papa (holding Eileen), Sittie, David, and Me

Aunt Patti & Eileen
My dad with Eileen
My mom with Eileen
I can't believe how much she's grown this year- Christmas is certainly going to be an adventure!