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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This past weekend, our friends Jeremy and Margaret came to visit.  Our friend Ryan came, too.

Eileen fell in love with Margaret.  When Jeremy and Margaret left on Sunday, Eileen hopped into Margaret's arms and waved bye-bye to me!

I lost my camera and didn't manage to take a single picture this weekend.  But Margaret emailed me one she had taken on her phone.

An awesome photobomb by Ryan.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tennessee Visit

Last weekend, we all made a visit to Tennessee.  I have to confess, I didn't take many pictures at all.  I was way too busy catching up with everyone.
Eileen holding court in the middle of the living room at Mammaw's.
We got there at 10:30 pm on Thursday night (we left after David got off work).  My dad played with Eileen until 1am.  Then my mom wanted to see her on Friday morning before she went to work, so Eileen was up by 7:30am.  She was tired, but SO happy and SO spoiled.

On Friday night, Mammaw cooked a birthday dinner for me.  She made Eileen's favorite meal, dumplins!
Posing with my cake.  And my candles.  "29"
Eileen and me sharing cake
Eileen and me with her dinner plate.  She had her eye on those dumplins.  The bib Eileen is wearing was made for me by Mammaw.
Dumplins make Eileen a HAPPY kid.  A very happy kid.  She ate two plates full!

What else does Eileen love?  Aunt Amy!  Once Amy got her, she wouldn't come back to me.  She is obsessed with her Aunt Amy.
Eileen chilling out with Amy, drinking sweet tea

She even held Amy's hair for comfort!

We got up on Saturday and went to see my Papa and Sittie in Nashville.  This is where I really failed at taking pictures- so many aunts, uncles, and cousins were there that I got distracted by visiting.  Oops!

Eileen napping on the way to Nashville
Zoom in... look at that hair!
Papa had just started taking his Chemotherapy pills.  He looked good.  He did get tired more often than usual, but he is still sharp as a tack- the brain surgery and tumor have not affected his mental capabilities at all (we are so grateful for this!).   When Papa was sitting down, you couldn't tell that he'd had surgery or that he is currently battling cancer- he looked like his old self.  He was a little weak sometimes when he walked, but considering the situation, he is doing remarkably well!
Eileen is obsessed with Papa's fish!

Trying to pet the fish
We all spent the night with Aunt Diane and Uncle Lee.  They even kept Eileen while David and I went to Mass on Sunday morning.  She was so happy that she didn't even cry when we left!  Aunt Diane fed Eileen grits, which are apparently another favorite food.  She ate the grits Aunt Diane fed her, and then she ate my grits!  There is no doubt that Eileen is a Southerner.
After Sunday lunch at Sittie and Papa's, we loaded up and headed home to Beatrice.  We stopped at SaZa in Montgomery for supper.  There, Eileen ate an entire bowl of child's pasta, part of a piece of pizza, and a bread stick.  She also made quite a mess (which David and I tried to clean up).  Thankfully, we had the sweetest waitress ever!

Seeing everyone was great, and we're going to try to do it again soon!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fourteen Months Old

On Sunday, Eileen turned fourteen months old!

She has developed so much in the last month that it's hard to remember everything.

Eileen has gotten taller.  She can grab things off of most counters and tables (dangerous!).

She also loves on her dolls.  So sweet!

She has developed an obsession with picking things up and putting them into containers.  In other words, she kind of picks up after herself!

Putting her cup back into the cabinet.

We are having a few meltdowns.  It's not right to call them tantrums, because Eileen doesn't get mad.  She just cries when we have to tell her no.  Sometimes it's so heartbreaking.  Sometimes it's funny.

Eileen in the middle of a "lay down on the floor" meltdown after I told her "no."  She turned off the waterworks when she realized I was taking her picture!

Eileen loves all food.  She is currently mastering use of a fork and spoon.  Often, she gets frustrated and goes back to eating with her fingers.

Eating Cheerios in her chair.  I usually don't allow her to eat in the living room, but David does. 

Her hair has gotten a little bit fuller, but she still does not have a lot.  She refuses to wear a bow, even though they look adorable on her.

She still enjoys bath time.  Especially when we wash her hair.

Though she won't wear a bow, Eileen is really into dressing up in necklaces and tutus.  She also likes to dance (she twirls around and around in a circle until she gets dizzy and falls over).  Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Dancing and showing off her tutu from Mammaw.

Eileen's favorite thing to do is talk on her hot pink phone.  She carries it everywhere!

Happy fourteen months old, big girl!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Trip to Mobile

Two weekends ago, David and I went to Mobile to run some errands.
Eileen asleep on Saturday morning
 We had lunch with Memommy and Grandaddy Don.  Then we took Eileen to their house while I ran my errands.
 Eileen loved looking at family pictures with Memommy.

We had such a good time that I didn't get to the store I was going to before it closed.

Still, it was a great visit!  We wound it up by spending the night at the beach (sometimes I am REALLY grateful to live so close to the Gulf).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Eve

...with a 1-year-old.

We didn't do much for New Year's Eve.  We stayed in, watched the Auburn game, and fell asleep by 9:30.
Posing in our PJs, Take 1
Posing in our PJs, Take 2
 Eileen doing a touchdown dance...

Loving on her baby doll
 On New Year's Day, Eileen showed us how she "loved her baby."  SO SWEET!
Clearly, we're party animals.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Break

Of course, we no longer get a "real" Christmas break, like we did when we were in school.
Eileen running from one new toy to another.
 But David and I did take an extended break after Christmas to spend time with my family in Tennessee.
Talking on her new telephone.
 Eileen had a lot of time to play with everyone, and we got to enjoy being (very well) fed by my mom and Mammaw.
Cuddling with Mammaw
And everyone got to enjoy spending time with Eileen!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Rest of Our Christmas

I posted about Rounds One and Two of our Christmas Celebration back in December.  I had grand intentions of giving each of our SIX (yes, you read that correctly- SIX) Celebrations the same detailed treatment that I gave the first two.   However, I've procrastinated and it's almost a month later, so I'm going to just post pictures in one long post.

Christmas with Mumsie, Daddy Dave, Uncle Thomas, and Meredith
We had presents and breakfast with Mumsie and Daddy Dave on Christmas Eve morning.  Eileen received SO many presents from her grandparents (including a GyroBowl- those things are awesome) and a new Madame Alexander Huggums Doll.  Uncle Thomas gave her some books (she loves books) and Meredith gave her a backpack with her name on it.  She carries it everywhere.  I didn't take many pictures because my camera battery died.  Very poor planning on my part.
Eileen and her GyroBowl.
Overwhelmed by her presents!
Eileen trying to wear her backpack
After breakfast, Eileen had to take a bath and change clothes.  Most meals necessitate a clothes change these days.  Then we got in the Suburban and headed north to Tennessee.
Eileen in the car.  Watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad and eating a fruit squeezables (fruit purĂ©e in a squeezable pouch).
Christmas with Mammaw, Aunt Patti & Uncle Tony, and Paige & Brett
We got to Tennessee for Christmas with Mammaw, Aunt Patti & Uncle Tony, and Paige and Brett.  We all had dinner at my parents' house, followed by present swap.  All of the adults draw names for the present swap.  But everyone wanted to get a gift for Eileen- she is so spoiled!
Playing with Pops before supper
Eileen eating supper.  She LOVED Aunt Patti's hash brown casserole!
 After supper, Eileen had to bathe (again) and change into her pajamas.

Eileen opening presents in front of her "audience".

Mammaw gave her this ride-on zebra.  Eileen would rather pull it along behind her.
Paige and Brett gave Eileen this rocking horse.  She won't ride him.. but she loves to pet him and pull him around.  So funny!
SANTA!  And Christmas with Gram & Pops, Uncle Adam, and Aunt Amy
On Christmas morning, we got up and had Christmas with Gram and Pops.  Eileen was really spoiled by her grandparents.  However, to be honest, I think Gram had even more fun opening presents with Eileen and playing with her toys than Eileen did.
Eileen looking at what Santa had brought her 
Opening presents with Gram 
Eileen "trying on" her clothes.  She tried to put on every single item she received.

Amy's hair got caught in the tree
Eillen and Gram playing with Eileen's toys 
Uncle Adam got Eileen an Angry Birds pillow. She loves it!
Christmas with Papa & Sittie and the Wehbys
After the morning, we loaded up and drove to Nashville for Christmas at Papa and Sittie's.  Eileen was shy at first, but she warmed up and began showing off for the Wehbys.
Me, Eileen, Eileen's grip on my hair, and Papa
Papa & Eileen
Papa, Sittie, and Eileen
 David and I gave Will & Quin (my godsons) light sabers for Christmas.  So entertaining!

Eileen and my dad
Eileen and my dad looking at Papa's fish.  She said "fish" once.  She hasn't repeated it since.
Smiling for the camera
Greg & Luke.  Luke made lamb biscuits. Yum!
Elizabeth & Eileen.  Eileen REALLY took to Elizabeth.  She followed her all over the house, all day long! 
My mom & Eileen
We had a wonderful, happy Christmas and enjoyed seeing so much family!