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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Memommy!

On Sunday, we all went to Mobile for David's grandmother's birthday.

We met everyone at St. Paul's Episcopal Church for the 11:15 service in the Chapel.  Church was beautiful, but Eileen got a little restless during the sermon.  Eileen and I stepped out and sat on the front porch of the chapel and watched the cars go by. 

Eileen LOVED watching the cars pass.  I think she must get that from my Pappaw (Buster Page).

After church, we took a few pictures before heading over to David's grandparents' house.

David, Eileen and me next to the gas lamps at the St. Paul's chapel.
The lamps were given in honor of Eileen's great-great grandfather David Elmore Platt, Sr.

Me, David, Eileen and Memommy

Memommy cooked her own birthday lunch and fed us all.  It was delicious!

Eileen had a grand time playing with everyone- she loved loved loved all of the attention.

Eileen and me

Eileen grabbing Mallory Monkey

Happy Baby

Eileen on Aunt Margaret's lap while Memommy watches

Uncle Jiles in the background while Aunt Margaret and Memommy play with Eileen
Aunt Kay was also there- she is Memommy's sister.  She played with Eileen for a long time, but my camera battery died and I didn't get any pictures.  So sorry Aunt Kay!

We all had a great time in Mobile, and it was very special to spend time with family.

Happy Birthday Memommy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eileen Rolled Over!

That's right-

Today, March 30, 2011, Eileen rolled from her back to her tummy all by herself!

I was way too excited to snap any photos while she was rolling over, but I did get several right after:

"What just happened?"

"Mommy is really excited.   Like, really, really excited."

"I guess this isn't so bad..."

David the (Unsuccessful) Turkey Hunting Guide

This past weekend, some of our close friends from law school came to visit.

The guys presumably came to go turkey hunting.  I think that everyone came to see Eileen.

Nobody killed any turkeys.

So excited about company coming!

Eileen and me

It was so much fun to see our friends and to have so much interaction with other adults.

Jeremy and Ryan
David, Jeremy, and Ryan
...something must have been funny

Meagan, Margaret, and me
Margaret and Meagan were so kind to play with Eileen all day on Saturday, which gave my tired arms a break.

Eileen in her swing

Toe touch!

Margaret, Jeremy, and Eileen

Eileen loved playing with Margaret

Meagan and Margaret playing with Eileen

Eileen loved to "walk" with Margaret's help

We hope that everyone will come back again soon!

Even when asleep, Eileen maintains a firm grip on Mallory Monkey

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Montgomery Camera Fail

On Thursday, David had to go to Montgomery for work.

So, naturally, Eileen and I tagged along.

And, naturally, I forgot to take my camera to most of the trip.  The only pictures I have are of Eileen hanging out in her car seat.

While David was at his meeting, Eileen and I toured the state capitol building.  We even stood where Jefferson Davis stood when he took the oath to become president of the Confederacy.  It was a very educational day.

After David's meeting, we got to go to lunch with some of our dearest friends, Leslie & Robert Pitman and Ruthie Alexander.

And I didn't take a single picture of them.

But it was fun.  I got to eat a hot lunch while Leslie and Ruthie played with Eileen.

Eileen was on her best behavior and it was so much fun to see our friends.

Next time I'll bring my camera.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eileen's Pictures

Last week, our photographer Jennifer Pharr emailed to let me know that Eileen's photo proofs were ready!

Jennifer did a wonderful job and I LOVE the pictures of Eileen!!!

You can see all of Eileen's photos at the Pharr Photography website.

Just enter the site, click on "Proofing," and enter password steele03


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eileen is Four Months Old

Eileen is growing up so fast!

She is wearing size 6 month clothes.

All she wants to do is sit up.  She can't sit unassisted yet, but she really likes to be sitting up so she can see what's going on.
Eileen sitting up in her Daddy's lap

Sitting up modeling her pretty blue dress

Nothing makes her madder than being turned so that she cannot see what's going on around her.  She MUST be facing out toward everything and everyone.  And she examines EVERYTHING.

Eileen has discovered her mouth.  And everything she gets a grip on goes immediately into her mouth.

I think she has begun to teethe.  Poor kid is so unhappy- she's been a little fussier than usual, and sleeping through the night is a thing of the past.  Also, there's drool everywhere.  We go through about eight bibs a day.

Not so sure about this cutting teeth thing

Chewing on her rattle

Eileen's favorite toys are her ball rattle and her sterling silver rattle.  She really likes to chew on the silver rattle.

Playing with her ball rattle.  Thanks Aunt Patti!

Really chowing down on the rattle

She found her feet last week.  Now there is nothing that makes her so happy as to "catch" her feet in her hands.  It's absolutely adorable.

Eileen grabbing her feet.  She's so pleased with herself!

And on this day last year (March 22, 2010), David and I learned that Eileen was on the way.  It has been, without a doubt, the happiest year of our lives so far.

Happy Four Month Birthday Eileen!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eileen's Baptism

On Saturday, Eileen was baptized at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Greenville.  Father Tony was excellent, and Eileen behaved like a perfect little lady.

My parents arrived on Friday evening and we ate dinner at Gaines Ridge.  The Catholics in the family (my mom, my sister, and me) had seafood.  David and my dad had steak.  I was kind of envious, but everything was absolutely delicious!
Dressed for dinner

We started our Saturday morning with breakfast at Finklea's.  Eileen weighed 15.0 lbs on the seed scale.

My dad and Eileen

After breakfast, Eileen needed a nap.  She fell asleep in her swing.

Eileen got dressed in a pretty blue Feltman gown for the drive to Greenville for her Baptism.

Eileen and her Aunt Amy/godmother
 When we arrived at the church, Eileen's grandmothers helped her to get dressed for her baptism.

Eileen's baptismal gown was made by David's mom.  She does French hand sewing and began making the dress before she knew that David and I were expecting.  The lace bonnet was a Stallworth family bonnet (David's great grandmother was a Stallworth).  Eileen wore the gold cross that David's mom wore to her Christening, and Eileen's gold bracelet was given to my mom by her parents when she was born.  I made Eileen a pair of very frilly crocheted booties, and she was held in a beautiful white baby blanket that my mom's mom (my Sittie, Delores Wehby) made for Eileen.

My sister Amy is Eileen's godmother.  Eileen's godfather is David's brother Thomas.

David, me, Thomas, and Amy

Eileen with Father Tony, her parents, and her godparents

 Most babies cry throughout their baptisms.  Eileen just slept.  She was an angel.

If we look a little sweaty, please know that we were.  It was 88ยบ on March 19- the last day of winter.
David's family with Eileen
My family with Eileen

David and me with Eileen

Our wonderful friends Leslie and Robert Pitman came to Eileen's Baptism

Eileen with her godparents- Aunt Amy & Uncle Thomas

David's parents with Eileen

My parents with Eileen
After the baptism, everyone came to the Sanders House in Beatrice for a reception.  David and I cannot express how much we appreciate so many of our friends and family being there with us on such a special day.  It was absolutely perfect!