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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Baby

At the Oyster House

We went to the beach with David's family over Memorial Day weekend. 

Eileen and David

Eileen loved everything about it.

Eileen and me... it was windy

She loved the beach.

First time putting her feet in the sand

In the lagoon with Mumsie

Relaxing on the dock

In her canopied Pack n' Play on the dock

She loved her kiddie pool.

She loved the attention from her family.

Eileen playing Nintendo with David and Uncle Thomas


She loved her new beach toys.


She loved seeing her sweet friend Mary Scott.

And she loved her new "big girl" pajamas.  (Apparently they don't make the sweet footie PJs in sizes larger than 9 months.  Boo.) 

It was a fun trip, but we're all happy to be home!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sick Baby

Since we got home on Sunday, Eileen had been acting a little "off."

She was tugging at her left ear and just didn't seem like her normal, happy self.

Almost a smile

On Tuesday, I couldn't get her to smile.  Not once.  And she slept a lot.

I wondered if Eileen had an ear infection, but she never ran a high fever and she didn't act like she was in pain.  Everyone kept telling me that if there was an infection, she'd be in pain and she'd let me know it.

David's Aunt Lisa came by on Wednesday.  She has five kids (and therefore knows a LOT about children), so I asked her about Eileen's symptoms.  Aunt Lisa said that her son Hudson never cried when he had ear infections.

This is Eileen after taking antibiotics.
Before we saw the doctor, she was kind of the opposite of her  usual, happy self.

That was all I needed to hear.  I made an appointment with Dr. Powell, who confirmed that Eileen had an infection in her left ear.  Poor baby.

Eileen is taking amoxicillin (the yummy pink kind that tastes like bubblegum--- but Eileen doesn't like it very much) and she already seems to be on the mend.

Reading "Johnny Tractor" with her daddy
I hate that Eileen is sick, but I've enjoyed the cuddles.

Sick baby cuddling with Mommy
Oh, my baby weighed 18 lb, 10 oz at her appointment!  My big girl was angry when Dr. Powell looked in her ears, but she quickly cheered up when Dr. Powell told her what a pretty baby she is.  What a ham!

Feeling better and "talking" on her play cell phone... just like Daddy does!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When you feed a baby....

And then you play with her and get her all shaken up like this....

She is GOING to spit up.  

Yes, Eileen spit up in David's hair (she was on his shoulders).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Months Old

On Sunday, Eileen turned Six Months Old!

She weighs approximately 20 pounds and is really long (I'll call it "tall" once she learns to stand up).

Eileen is wearing Size 9-12 month clothes.  She's definitely in 9 month clothes, and can wear a few of her size 12 month clothes.

Eileen's dress was designed by my Aunt Teresa, who used to design baby clothes.

Eileen can sit by herself.  She can get onto her hands and knees, but hasn't quite started crawling.

She began eating solids a little over a week ago.  So far, she has had rice cereal, green beans, and sweet potatoes.

We have yet to find a food she doesn't like.

When you feed her, Eileen grabs the spoon and puts it into her own mouth.  She needs a little more practice to hone this skill, but she's an enthusiastic eater.

Here, my mom and I were feeding Eileen with two spoons because
she couldn't get enough to eat fast enough with just one spoon.

Eileen has begun to exhibit some separation anxiety- she cries whenever Mommy leaves the room.  Once I am gone, she usually calms down and is her normal, happy self.  I'm flattered the Eileen loves me so, but I think that everyone is ready for this stage to pass.

"You're going WHERE?"
Eileen loves her toys and often sits on her playmat and plays by herself.  

Eileen playing with her daddy's silver teether
There are two little teeth just below her gums.  They haven't come in yet, but we're absolutely in the middle of "teething".  We have been for some time.

Eileen loves bathtime- she likes to splash in her tub and make a huge mess.  

Enjoying her bathtime at my parents' house


Eileen has learned to perform for the camera.  When you have the camera out and say "Cheese!", Eileen looks at you and smiles.

She is such a ham.

Eileen and my mom