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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've noted recently that Eileen seems to be completely over her separation anxiety.  She has been so friendly and eager to go visit.

Eileen's new favorite game- patty cake with Chichi.

Hanging out with Hudson and LaSha

Eileen loved being held by LaSha

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dressed by Daddy

When we got home from church on Sunday, I asked David to dress Eileen while I prepared lunch.

He put her in this:

It was 90º outside.  And it doesn't quite match (the hot pink onesie does not go with turquoise and purple striped pants).

With a little help, David found the short-sleeved top that goes with the pants.  Eileen looked adorable!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten Months Old

On Thursday, September 22, Eileen turned TEN MONTHS OLD!

The red dress Eileen is wearing was my dress.  I wore it on my first birthday.  And yes, my mom has an afro in this picture.  It was the '80s.
She is such a big girl!  At her doctor's appointment at 9.5 months, Eileen was 30" tall and weighed 20 pounds, 10 ounces.  That put her in the 98th and 75th percentiles, respectively, for height and weight.  

 Eileen wears size 18-24 month clothes.  Sometimes she wears size 24 month clothes because she needs the length.  Eileen is still in size three diapers.

 Eileen is cutting two more teeth on the bottom, and it's been tough for everyone.  I wish those teeth would hurry up and come in.

She is eating all kinds of baby food, but is still freaked out by the textures of table food.  
Chewing on a book...

Eileen crawls like a speed demon, she can pull up anywhere she wants to, and she constantly stands without holding onto anything.  However, she hasn't taken that first, unassisted step.

 She does love to walk behind her stroller and push her baby doll across the room.
Pulling up on the stroller...
Pushing her baby doll

Eileen's sleep has gotten better because we're doing The No Cry Sleep Solution.  She's napping twice a day and loves to be put down into her crib at night.  Eileen is not sleeping through the night yet, but that's because I haven't been very disciplined about practicing good habits when she wakes up at 2 am.  

"Who are you looking at?  I'm not getting in to anything..."

The best part about this month is that Eileen has let go of all of the stranger/separation anxiety that she developed when she was seven months old!  Our little girl is back to her friendly, loving self!
She is crazy about Mabel again!
Finally, Eileen completely recognizes David as equal to (or better than) me.  There's no longer a preference for Mommy... sometimes, there is even a preference for Daddy!  David is loving this, and I am happy that Eileen is letting him do more for her.
It's been a wonderful ten months!  I'm going to have to start planning a birthday party soon...

Monday, September 26, 2011

This Post Is a Little Late..

A week late, to be precise.

Last weekend (as in the weekend before this past weekend), we went to Tennessee for my mom's birthday. It also would have been Pappaw's 88th Birthday.

Eileen had a great time, was a perfect angel, and played with everyone.

My mom took Eileen to Wal-Mart, where she bought a bunch of toys for her.  I do not remember my mom doing this when Adam, Amy, and I were small...

My mom filling the buggy with toys
Eileen, surrounded by toys
Eileen had her first table food- Mammaw's dumplins.  She loved them! (Who wouldn't?)

We also ate the world's tackiest most colorful birthday cake.  It was delicious.

And everyone loved on Eileen.
Aunt Patti and Eileen

Oh, and we tried to get a four generation picture (my dad, Mammaw, Eileen, and me).  We may need to try again.

And Eileen really enjoyed herself on the way home.

Nothing says fun like eating carrot purée in the car seat. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paige's Dress

On Sunday, we dressed Eileen in my cousin Paige's dress and tried to take pictures.

Paige is my cousin.  Her mom (my Aunt Patti) is my dad's sister.

Paige is a cowgirl.  Seriously, she has a ranch and she is a barrel racer.
The dress was adorable.

Eileen wearing the dress

Eileen was less than cooperative.  She is constantly teething, so we could hardly get a picture of her without something in her mouth.

Chewing on a teething ring
Chewing on a wooden apple

That wooden apple must be delicious!
...still fixated on the apple
FINALLY!  A (sort of) good picture with Eileen looking at the camera!

The photo shoot was not quite the success we were hoping for, but we all had a good time anyway!

Eileen playing with Mamaw while Aunt Patti watched
Eileen grabbing for my camera
Eileen and my mom
Aunt Patti and Eileen
Eileen and AUnt Patti are both making the "Ptttttthb!" sound
After changing back into her play clothes, Eileen was ready to play some more.