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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's My Birthday!

We have had quite a busy few days!

(That's my excuse for not posting since Wednesday.)

On Friday, our friends Ryan and Meagan came to Beatrice to see Eileen and to go deer hunting.

The deer hunting didn't go so well, but Eileen had a great time with Ryan and Meagan.

Meagan & Ryan.  I forgot to get a picture of them holding Eileen, but she enjoyed being held by each of them.

Meagan, Ryan, David and I all went to Gaines' Ridge for dinner on Friday night.  Eileen stayed with her Memommy and Daddy Dave.

It was the first time I'd left her to go out with David.  I survived!  And Eileen had a great time...

Saturday was my birthday!

We kicked things off by going to Finklea's for breakfast.

Eileen getting weighed on the seed scale.  It's become a weekly ritual.

Eileen napping in Mrs. Elizabeth's arms.

On Saturday evening, David's mom made a delicious birthday dinner for me.  We all ate WAY too much.

Eileen slept in her cradle beside the dining room table

Then Eileen's daddy fed her dinner

David, Eileen and I posed for a picture.  Eileen didn't seem too thrilled.

Poor Meredith was sick and didn't get to come visit this weekend, so lonely Uncle Thomas cuddled with the couch pillow.

On Sunday, we all went to church and then ate lunch at Chichi and Deda's.

Kayla was so excited to meet Eileen!

Eileen in her carrier.  She was so good today- she slept through church and then was so sweet as she met everyone.

When we got to Chichi's, Eileen was hungry.  David's cousin Kendall gave Eileen her bottle.

David, Eileen, and I posed with the delicious chocolate chip pound cake that Chichi made for my birthday.

After lunch, we came home.  Before we dressed Eileen in her comfy play clothes, we had a little photo shoot.  The little Feltman bubble Eileen is wearing was mine when I was a baby.

Such a pretty little girl

Happily kicking her feet

Eileen and me

Eileen and David

We are now enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon (and I'm doing laundry, again).

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday weekend- thanks to everyone who called, cooked, travelled, or otherwise went out of their way to make it so perfect!

Visitors from Mobile

On Thursday, Eileen's great-grandparents Memommy & Grandaddy Don came to visit her.  They brought Eileen's great-great aunt and uncle Kay and Jiles Wade.  Aunt Kay is Memommy's sister.

We met in Monroeville, and David, Eileen and I went to lunch with everyone.  Then David went back to the office and the rest of us headed back to Beatrice.

Memommy giving Eileen a bottle

...and helping Eileen to burp

Eileen with Aunt Kay

Memommy and Aunt Kay doting on Eileen

Aunt Kay made Eileen laugh

Eileen with her Mumsie as Granddaddy Don looks on
Grandaddy Don is Mumsie's dad

Eileen and Grandaddy Don

We had a great Thursday.  David got home late and just missed seeing everyone again.

Eileen is one lucky baby- she has so many family members who are dying to spoil her rotten!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eileen's Mommy Found the Camera Again

Tuesday was kind of a low-key day for Eileen.  We stayed around the house and watched it rain.

Since we were just hanging out at home, Eileen got to stay in her play clothes.

I LOVE the ruffled bottoms on these PJs.
Tuesday night, Eileen fell asleep at 9:30 and slept until 5am.  I consider that "sleeping through the night," and David and I are SO happy to finally get some sleep proud of her!

My Sittie (my mom's mom, Delores Wehby) told me that her babies (she has eight chiidren) always slept through the night once they weighed 12 lbs. It looks like Sittie was right.  

 Today, Eileen and I had an early wardrobe change because she spit up all over us.

She thought it was funny.

Actually, she was just grinning at her Snoopy mobile:

This afternoon, Eileen showed off her smile for the camera.  The pictures were too cute not to share:
Mabel figured out how to prop the Boppy Newborn Lounger so that Eileen can "sit up."  Eileen LOVES doing this.

Smiling at the cow rattle from Aunt Amy.

My FAVORITE picture.  See her dimple?  It's still there.

"Sitting up" like a big girl

Eileen and I are getting a little tired of being stuck inside due to cold weather, but it's looking like we'll get to take some long walks with the stroller this weekend.  The forecast is predicting temperatures near 70º this weekend!  It is 70º temperatures in January that make me love living in south Alabama.  And it's the 95º days in late October that make me wonder how people can endure the weather here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Drivers

After church on Sunday, we went to eat at Chichi & Deda's.

Eileen slept through most of lunch...

 She did wake up long enough to say hello...

After church, we all changed into more casual clothes.  Eileen's Memommy and Grandaddy Don bought Eileen an adorable pink knit romper for Valentine's Day, but they suggested that we go ahead and let her wear it because they were afraid she would outgrow it by Valentine's Day.  I think they're right... the outfit fit perfectly this weekend, but will probably be snug by Valentine's Day.

Eileen's Daddy helped her get dressed

Eileen modeling her beautiful outfit from Memommy and Grandaddy Don

I think she likes it...

Eileen sitting on her Daddy's shoulders.

We went riding on dirt roads on Sunday afternoon.  Eileen got to go to Bursonville, Nadawah, McWilliams, and Pine Apple.

When we came back, David's eight-year-old cousin Adam called and excitedly told us that he had killed two deer.  And he wanted David to come pick them up in his truck and take them to the processing plant.  So Eileen rode with David and me to the Super Secret food plot to fetch Adam's prey.

We didn't get a picture of Adam with his deer because he was too excited to pose.

I can't believe that I took my baby to fetch dead deer.  I really can't believe that she seemed to enjoy it.

On Monday, Eileen came to the law office to stay with her Mumsie so that I could attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  We dressed her up to go to town, but I forgot to take a picture.  Sorry.

When we got home, Eileen wanted to put on some more comfortable, casual clothes.

The adorable onesie from Megan.  SO CUTE!

Eileen is also wearing baby leg warmers (à la the 1980s) by Baby Legs.  Not only are they adorable, but they are SO practical (much easier to change a diaper when she's wearing leg warmers than when she is wearing pants or tights).  

Doesn't she have the CUTEST mad face?  
Eileen has perfected the pouty face as well- I'll have to catch that on camera.

...Snoopy is back.  And Eileen couldn't be happier!

 And finally- a rare picture of Eileen with her mom (that's me!).  There are very few pictures of me because I'm usually the one with the camera and because I'm sleep-deprived and it shows and I don't want to have my picture taken.

I realize that I've posted a lot lately about what Eileen is wearing.  It's because I really like dressing her up, and because I want to try to post fairly frequently but I don't have a lot to say.  So I fill space with pictures of Eileen.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Eileen turned two months old today!

So we dressed her up and had a photo shoot:
Eileen and her stuffed doggy from Aunt Amy.

Eileen's Feltman dress was worn by me and my sister Amy when we were babies.

"Okay, mom.  That's enough"

Eileen was MUCH happier when we put her in her crib where she could see her Snoopy mobile.

She LOVES Snoopy.  Have I mentioned that before?


Mesmerized by Snoopy and Woodstock.

In her slip, staring at her daddy.

Eileen likes being nekkid.

Nekkid and watching Snoopy.  Perfect!

We weighed Eileen on the seed scale at Finklea's today.  She weighed 12 lb., 4 oz.  Last Sunday, she weighed 11 lb, 6 oz... so big weight gain!  Can you tell?  

She's so cute!

After our photo session, Eileen got to put on some play clothes so we could go visit Mrs. Annie April (today was her birthday), Chichi & Deda, and Mumsie & Daddy Dave.
Adorable pink outfit from the Briggs Family.  It is SO soft and very warm- perfect for the cold day we were having.

We had a very full and social day to celebrate Eileen's two month "birthday."  David and I can't believe how much she's grown in only two months!