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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Every night, we get Eileen ready for bed.

And EVERY NIGHT, she is not. ready. to. go. to. sleep.

Bedtime?  NO!  PARTY!!!!
 She pulls up and "walks" around the living room....
...pulling up

 ...grabbing everything she wants:

Target in sight: Nail Clipper

Getting closer...

Almost there...


What?  It's totally normal to chew on nail clippers

Eileen just doesn't get why we would want to make her go to bed when we're up and able to play-

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eileen's Parents

David and I never seem to remember to take pictures of Eileen with us.

It's a great excuse to share some Eileen cuteness:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nine Months Old

On August 22, Eileen turned nine months old!

This nine-month-old is everywhere.

She does not sit still, which makes it VERY difficult to get photos of her.

Eileen is scooting everywhere.

She can pull up and will "walk" while holding onto things, but she's not walking yet.  We expect it any day now...

Eileen has two teeth on the bottom, and there are two more bottom teeth that are trying to come through.

She is into EVERYTHING!

Eileen understands what "no" means, but she doesn't necessarily obey.

Can you really say "no" to this face?

Eileen can hold her own sippy cup.

And she LOVES bath time.

Eileen is one busy little girl!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swamp People

We spent last weekend at the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery.

Eileen with Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S./Bassmasters
For Eileen and me, the highlight was meeting Troy and Jacob from The History Channel show Swamp People.

Line to see the Swamp People at 9:30 am... doors didn't open until 10 a.m.

Eileen didn't like waiting in line

Family picture with Jacob and Troy

Our cousin Adam got Eileen a balloon alligator to commemorate the event.  She loved it!

Daddy Dave, Eileen, Adam, and David

Eileen also enjoyed spending time with family, especially her Uncle Thomas.
Eileen on Thomas's shoulders
 We wrapped up the weekend with a Montgomery Biscuits game.  Our friend Leslie invited us to watch the game from her firm's box... so much fun!

Eileen was very entertained by her reflection in the shiny metal trash can.

A trash can!  Whee!
(Our kid may or may not have licked the trash can.  Ick.)

She didn't want to pose for pictures.

But she did enjoy playing with the other little girls.
I think Eileen is a Biscuits fan!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mifflin Homecoming

The main reason we decided to go to Tennessee this past weekend was because it is Homecoming at Mifflin Baptist Church.  Mifflin Baptist is the church my dad grew up in, it's where my Mamaw still goes, and Papaw is buried in the cemetery at Mifflin.

On Friday morning, Eileen got dressed in her overalls and went to the Timber Office with David so that I could pack and clean.

After lunch, we loaded up in the car for the six-hour drive.  Eileen made sure to pack plenty of toys and her sleep sheep.

...and David's her iPad.

When we got to Tennessee, everyone wanted to feed Eileen:

Mamaw feeding Eileen
My mom feeding Eileen
Eileen made sure to show how cool she was in her new sunglasses:

Eileen loves her Winnie the Pooh walker at my parents' house.  She even likes to play with the toys when she's not in the walker:

Eileen climbed onto the side of the walker to play with the light-up honey pot

On Sunday, we got all dressed up for church.
Cutest picture ever, right?

Eileen and her Daddy

Eileen and me
 Eileen also managed to get into everything, including the TV cabinet.  I think she liked to see her reflection in it:

We hated to leave, but we'll see everyone again soon!