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Sunday, November 25, 2012

He's Here!!!!

William Thomas Steele is here.

6 lb, 6oz
19.5" long
11/25/12 @ 12:09 pm

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eileen is TWO!

Happy Second Birthday to Eileen!!!

This Thanksgiving Day, we are so grateful for our little girl.
Eileen at her first birthday party

 She was born on November 22, 2010 and things haven't been the same since.

Eileen and Mommy

Eileen and Daddy

We had her two-year-old checkup yesterday and Eileen was 37" tall (99th percentile) and weighed in at 28.8 pounds (74th percentile).  She's hit all of her milestones and we were informed by Dr. Powell that Eileen is cutting a lot of molars.  This explains why she hasn't been the best sleeper for the past week.
She really enjoyed the stickers that Mrs. Monta gave her for being such a brave, good girl!

Sleeping seems to be the only thing that Eileen isn't doing very well.  

She did fall asleep after her appointment yesterday.

She is a wonderful eater- not at all picky.  Her favorite meal is "chicken and fries" (Thank you for teaching her that, Aunt Amy), but she still loves vegetables and fruit, and especially cheese.

At two, Eileen can say her ABCs and she will sit and play the piano in our hall while she sings.  And she loves to count to 10... and will do it over and over and over again for applause.

Eileen also loves to go outside.  She will go out for as long as someone will take her, and she'll walk and walk and walk!
Mamaw, Eileen and Pops
Eileen in her new stroller from Sittie and Pops.  Cabbage Patch doll is currently holding William's spot.
Eileen is quite the chatterbox.  She talks incessantly, though David and I don't understand 100% of what she says.  

Cuddling with Mumsie, November 2012

On Tuesday, Eileen got her first haircut.  Her little bangs were getting into her eyes and she wouldn't wear a bow or barrette to hold them back.  Her haircut is SO cute- and it makes her look like SUCH a big girl.
Shaggy hair right before her haircut

Getting her hair cut by Mrs. Ashley

Big girl haircut!

She loves books- all books!  Right now her favorites are Dr. Seuss's ABCs, The Cat in the Hat, and Johnny Tractor.  When we're not reading to her, she pretends to read to herself.

Sharing chips and a cell phone with Pops

To be fair, Eileen likes ANYTHING John Deere.  Including books, tractors, and even toy Gators.  I guess she really likes being a farm girl.

We also discovered that Eileen loves to swim.

Sometime this summer, Eileen went from looking like a baby to looking like a little girl.  It's bittersweet that our baby is not a baby anymore. 
Easter 2012 (April)
June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
I think sometime between August and October, Eileen began to look like a toddler...

September 2012... with Mommy's Diet Coke 
October 2012.  She loves her hats!

We are celebrating Eileen's birthday next week on Wednesday so she doesn't have to share her special day with a turkey, and so that all of her grandparents can be there for her party.  Next Thursday, Eileen is getting a little brother- we hope she likes him!

Rocking on the front porch.

Halloween 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Artsy-Crafty Side

So, I am not very crafty.  I am not terribly artistic.  I do crochet, but that's more to keep my hands busy than to be intentionally crafty.  Also, I think Pinterest might be the downfall of society.  

But, we "inherited" some really old, not-so-attractive furniture when we moved into the Sanders house. However, it had sentimental value and we were told that it could not go into the trash or be given away.  So I decided to pretty it up.

I got online and found some inspiration from a blog that I love to read:
Her "Before" pictures... they looked a lot like what I was going to be working with.
 And her "After" picture:

I read about her process and bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Chalk paint is REALLY easy to use and even I didn't mess it up!  We picked out an indoor/outdoor fabric (because our furniture is going to spend its spring and summer seasons on our upstairs balcony) and had the cushions recovered. And our (mostly) finished product:

Right now, the furniture is "wintering" in our upstairs hall.  I wanted something bright since our house is white both inside and out.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  And for less than the cost of a Wal-Mart patio set (including paint, fabric, and the cost of paying someone to recover the cushions), I now have a set (a sofa, two chairs, and a coffee table) of very nice, solid hardwood outdoor furniture that looks great!


I haven't finished this post because I haven't had the time to devote to it- and I haven't been up to it, emotionally.  But I wanted to share about my Pawpaw, so here is a very late update.

The biggest- and absolutely the saddest- thing that has happened in our absence is the death of my grandfather, PawPaw (William E. Wehby, Sr.)

I know that this is often send about the recently deceased, but he really was a great man.  He had eight children and more than 20 grandchildren.
This is the Wehby family at our wedding.  And it's not even all of us. 

He was one of the most faithful Catholics I've ever met- he went to Mass every day and was always finding time to pray the Rosary (like when he took his morning walk).  Also, he was one of the strongest people (both emotionally and in physical strength) right up until his illness.  Seriously, when he was in his 80s, I would have bet on him over most 25 year old men in a strength contest.  Amazing.

Pawpaw was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  On his 80th birthday, he shared that he was born during a blizzard (in March 8 in Tennessee- we don't usually get winter weather that late!).  He attended Catholic schools all of the way through high school and then went to work in his family's trucking and warehouse business.  He was also an amazing athlete... he even received college football scholarship offers.
Pawpaw playing baseball
A young Pawpaw

He served in the Korean War and when he came home, he married Delores Stephens (Sittie) on August 8, 1953.  Together they had eight children.  Seven girls and one boy.
My dad and Pawpaw before my wedding.  Dad is nervous, Pawpaw is calm.  I guess you know what you're doing after marrying off seven daughters.

One thing that always struck me about Pawpaw was how he was adamant about helping Sittie to do the dishes and clean up after a meal.  Not many men of his generation really pitched in in the kitchen because that was seen as "woman's work".  His enthusiasm for helping out spoke to his emphasis on family and to his great love for my grandmother.  He once told me that when his brothers teased him for doing the dishes at home until he pointed out to them that nobody called him a sissy when he was on KP during Korea.

Talking to Pawpaw was always fun- he was very opinionated and he could debate better than any lawyer I've met.  But he also had a very special way with babies.  He met Eileen when she was only four weeks old, and he held her for almost all of Christmas day.  This was wonderful because (1) she didn't cry- babies loved Pawpaw and (2) nobody would dare take the baby away from Pawpaw, so she wasn't passed around and exposed to germs (I. like most first-time moms, was absolutely neurotic about germs).
Pawpaw and Eileen
Mom, Dad, Sittie, David, me, Pawpaw and Eileen

Right before Christmas last year, Pawpaw was diagnosed with brain cancer.  It seemed to come out of nowhere- he was seemingly SO healthy!  Pawpaw endured his illness with strength, dignity and prayer.  Even in suffering, he set a great example for his family.

Pawpaw and Eileen, Christmas 2011
Pawpaw on Christmas 2011
We will miss Pawpaw.  And our lives will certainly be poorer without him.  But it's also nice to know that he's watching over us from heaven.   
Pawpaw playing with Eileen on July 4, 2011
 His obituary: