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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Camera-Loving Baby

Eileen recently went through a phase where she hated having her picture taken.  She would not look at the camera!  However, it seems as if that time is past, and she loves hamming it up for photos again.  I present the previous week, as told through Eileen pictures:

Last week was a busy week at the law office.  However, Eileen still found time to eat lunch at the Club.
She REALLY likes dill pickles
 She also tried to ride her "car" backwards.
 In the evenings, she unwound by watching TV from the best seat in the house.

 And she started off her days with a story from Daddy:
 Also, the kid has learned to balance between her Anywhere Chair and the rocker.  Kind of scary, but SO funny!
 Last weekend, we went to Birmingham for Katie & Ben's engagement.
Eileen eating lunch.  She did not like sitting still
 We stayed with our friends Margaret and Jeremy.  Eileen LOVED their two doggies Peanut & Sadie... but I do not think the feeling was mutual.  Margaret and Jeremy do not have children yet, and I hope that the toddler hurricane named Eileen doesn't dissuade them from becoming parents!
Eileen watching her iPad while wearing her new outfit and carrying her shopping bag.
 When we got home, Eileen was TIRED.  So tired that she made trying to dress her after her bath a nightmare.  So we let her play naked for a few minutes.

On Monday, Eileen was back to posing for the camera-
 And riding her "car" correctly.
 She is making the "angry baby" face again.  Except that she can no longer keep a straight face herself.
She loves a close-up!

 And on Monday night, we went and put out campaign signs for our friend Mr. Bob McMillan.  He was running for county clerk, and he won the primary on April 24!  Yay!  Eileen was exhausted by all of the campaigning.
 And on Wednesday, she loved on her Cabbage Patch doll (which used to be my Cabbage Patch doll).  So cute!
 She's not the gentlest of mommies...
And that's our week in pictures!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playing Basketball

Eileen has become obsessed with David's basketball.

 It's only natural, seeing as how both of her grandfathers still play basketball several days a week.
 And on the day after she was born, David, Daddy David and Pops went to play basketball.  (They also went while I was in labor on the previous day).  Anyway, her Pops got his eye busted and required stitches.  Ah, memories...
See the bandage?  He looked like a pirate.
The little girl LOVES to play with the basketball.  I hope she grows up to be a great player!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Girl and Her Dog

I have been so impressed by how sweet our dog Lucy is with Eileen.
 I thought it would be Beau who would love on Eileen.  However, Beau is kind of jealous and he just ignores Eileen while trying to get my or David's attention.  He is kind of the jealous older brother.
 Lucy follows Eileen everywhere.  When Eileen is outside, Lucy is never far away.  I'm pretty certain that if Eileen was in any danger, Lucy would protect her.  I like to think that Lucy thinks that Eileen is her baby. David says thar Lucy is just trying to herd Eileen.  Either way, they just look so sweet.
 Eileen loves Lucy too, even if she does still call her "Beau."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bossy Pants

Eileen is either going to be an only child or an oldest child.  Either way, she's got the characteristic "bossiness" down to a fine art.

She loves to play with her Little People house and farm.  Really, she loves to make the people and animals do exactly what she wants them to do.  The kid likes being in control.

Flushing the potty in the Little People house.

The following photos look like Eileen is clapping for something.  Truthfully, she is clapping.  But she is doing it so that we will imitate her.  That's right... she is telling us to give her some applause.

 And these last photos... they are of Eileen telling us that it's time to go.  She is ready to leave the house and she is directing us to follow her.

"Seriously, mom... hurry up!"
Honestly, I love that Eileen is so bossy determined.  I think her stubborn streak can one day serve her well.  Of course, we're going to have to work on things like compromise and getting along with others and sharing, but we'll get there.  She is one funny and neat little girl!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Bunny

Eileen didn't actually see the Easter Bunny this year, but the Easter Bunny was definitely good to her!

She got a ton of candy and sweet bathing suits and adorable bunny toys and books and games.  She loves playing with her new toys!

Eileen also received a kiddie pool, a sand table, and a kids' picnic table.  She has her own little toddler paradise on the deck!

Eileen was not sure about her sand table at first... she seemed more interested in using the pail as a purse.
 But she quickly figured out what to do.

In the meantime, David put together her picnic table.  Look at that concentration!
Eileen clearly approves of his efforts.  She loves the picnic table!

 After the church egg hunt on Saturday, Eileen came home and tackled her play area.  She loves the sandbox.

 But she wasn't so sure about the swimming pool.  Eileen lasted about 5 minutes before she had a meltdown.  We're going to try again when she doesn't need a nap.
Summertime is going to be fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Sunday was Eileen's second Easter.  Eileen's dress was made by David's mom- she does french handsewing and the dress turned out to be gorgeous!
We started our Easter nice and early with mass in Greenville.  Eileen was not on her best behavior, so she and David spent most of mass outside with the other daddies and their naughty toddlers.
Before we left for mass
Eileen and David
Eileen and me.  Poor, sleepy baby.
Eileen napped on the way home from Greenville (the tiredness explains her less-than-stellar behavior at mass) and was on her best behavior when went went to church in Beatrice with David's family.  We did, however, have to leave about fifteen minutes early because Eileen began to "converse" with the minister during his sermon.  

After church, we went to an egg hunt and Easter lunch at David's parents' house with all of the Steeles and the Stuckey family.  To say that Eileen had fun is an understatement.

I changed her into a bubble so she wouldn't ruin her beautiful easter dress.  Then, she "hunted" eggs with Adam, Eli, and Kendall.  Mostly, they hunted eggs and she ate the chocolate.  
Eileen and her cousin Eli

Eileen and me
Then, Eileen discovered the ham.  She LOVED ham.  If she ate one bite, she ate an entire pound.  She preferred the ham to her candy.  The kid ate a great Easter lunch- she literally cleaned her plate!  She also enjoyed playing with Kathleen and Steven- she especially loved Kathleen.  Eileen really likes big girls and will follow them everywhere.
Lunch outside- it was a gorgeous day!
In the early afternoon, Eileen began to get tired again and we decided it was best to take her home.  All of us took a nice, long afternoon nap.  It was a wonderful Easter!
Family picture!

Eileen was getting a little tired of pictures