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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eileen's Birthday Party

We had Eileen's birthday party on Nov. 30 (the Friday after we'd gotten home from the hospital).  Her actual birthday fell on Thanksgiving day, and I didn't want her having to compete with turkey and dressing for attention at her birthday party.  We had planned the party for Nov. 28, the day before my scheduled c-section, so that everyone could be present.  However, William's early arrival derailed that plan.
Eileen with her Mumsie and Sittie

Eileen with her Chichi, Mumsie, Sittie, and Mamaw

Eileen with her dad, Daddy Dave, Pops, and Deda

Eileen's party was pretty simple, and my mom ended up doing most of the work.  We had lasagna, salad, and bread for supper.  Super easy!

Apparently, Eileen LOVES lasagna

Eileen's cake was an Elmo cake made by a lady in Camden, Alabama.  It looked so cute, and Eileen absolutely LOVED her "Melmo Cake."  She's still talking about it... so much so that we've promised her another "Melmo Cake" if she will learn to use the potty.
Eileen's birthday cake.  Too cute!

Eileen blew out both of her candles in one try!  Mamaw had been working with her all afternoon, I think.
Eileen blowing out her candles

Then we got to the presents.  I think Eileen was overwhelmed by all of her "stuff."  Lucky Kid.

She did get a swingset:

And the first part of her kitchen:
Adam and Eli helped Eileen figure out how to "cook" on her new oven

She also received a new blanket sewn by Mamaw, kitchen/cooking accessories, books, a coat, and so many other wonderful toys!
Eileen trying out her new ironing board and iron

William politely slept through most of the festivities:

I'm glad that we threw a party for Eileen, but I would not ever recommend hosting a party a mere five days after a c-section.  I felt pretty rotten on Saturday.  However, it was SO much fun to see Eileen enjoy her family at her party!

It's safe to say that she had a very, very happy birthday!

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