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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

William is Four Months Old!

Yesterday, William turned four months old:

We had a photo shoot
which Eileen joined.

Today, at 4 months + 1 day, William rolled over from back to front for the first time.

William weighs in at 15.0 pounds and he's usually a very happy boy.  He smiles all of the time and only cries when he is hungry (which is often) and when he's dirty or wet.  William is very strong and is always trying to pull himself up to sitting.  He enjoys his bumbo seat.

William adores Eileen, and I think the feeling is mutual.  I am so happy, and I hope this continues.

William is wearing size 6 month clothes, but he is fitting into a few 9 month items.

No teeth yet.  Eileen didn't cut any teeth until she was about 8 months old.

The Pediatric GI told us to start William on solid foods at 4 months old.  We are going to start any day, but I just haven't been up to dealing with the mess that comes with feeding a baby rice cereal for the first time.  Ick!  However, William nurses all of the time, so I'm sure he's ready for solids.

William has soy and dairy intolerances, so we had to check the rice cereals to make sure that they don't contain anything that will upset him.  Gerber rice cereal actually contains soy ingredients (ugh!), so we're going to feed him Beech Nut brand, which is much purer in that it only contains rice (no soy or dairy or other fillers).  I am on a soy-free and dairy-free diet until William weans at 1 year (more on that in a future post.

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Jessica said...

He is so precious!